Monday, November 5, 2012

5 No Fail Fabulous Christmas / Holiday Gifts at Discount Stores

Getting last minute gifts, purchasing a gift for a gift exchange or things like that can make gift shopping even more stressful and expensive. But do not fear! I have a list of 5 great gifts you can give, without failing taste wise and without emptying your wallet. All these gifts can be found at your local discount stores like Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, Stein Mart, etc. 

1. Cashmere or wool blend pashminas or scarves
Most discount stores like Marshalls, Stein Mart, Ross or TJ Maxx have a great selection of basic scarves and pashminas which are a great staple that can be used, without a problem, by anyone (unless you live in sunny Florida… cause you wouldn’t scarves. If you aren’t too close to the person you are giving this gift to, you CANNOT go wrong with a basic solid color pashmina. The reason I added the cashmere or wool blend title is because usually these two mean luxury and warmth, which comes in handy to feel fabulous in the cold weather and stay warm too. But cotton will work too!

2. Gloves
Hands are about as sensitive to the cold weather as a naked baby out in the snow. Gloves really have a no brainer design. As long as you get a nice leather, cashmere or even fur (or trimmed with fur) gloves, you will be SURE to be giving a tasteful gift. DO NOT purchase print gloves (not striped, polka dot, or even animal print, unless it's a tasteful cheetah and you're certain the person the gift is for will like it). Usually gloves are next to the pashminas at discount stores. 

3. Discount Designer sunglasses
A great thing about discount stores: they have amazing sunglasses for EXTREMELY cheap prices. Sunglasses are sort of a personal thing, regarding taste BUT that doesn't mean you cannot get your co-worker some nice classic shades from Calvin Klein, Cynthia Rowley or even Tommy Hilfiger. Stick to classic looks and you'll be OK! Unfortunately, some discount stores don't count with selling the sunglasses with a case but they will have a great variety and selection of regular cases you can put them in and just add a bow! :D 

4. Cute shower products with fun names and designs on the bottles
Remember that spa you once stepped in and saw all these great smelling and looking products? Well, some can be found in discount stores too. At my Marshalls I always find great products with super cute designed bottles and boxes. Sometimes they will not be a designer brand but their packaging will say BIG BUCKS and FANCY NANCY! Make a little fun selection (coordinated scents or colors), put them in a basket and your good to go! 

5. Scented Candles
Candles are a great gift year round but they are even better for christmas thanks to their warming effect. Even if a person has a child at home and maybe can't light a candle, they surely can use them as a chic decoration in their living room. Candles have this natural glow of luxury. 

Astrid's Favorite Things for the Holidays / Winter !

Winter is here! Well not really but the holiday season is which equals cold weather, yummy food, great shopping and gifts! 

Rosette Jacket

Wool Blend Coat

H&M Maroon Coat

6. Cozy DIY blanket to snuggle up watching holiday themed movies!

T-Shirt Blanket

7. A great boyfriend or best friend

Saturday, November 3, 2012

H&M's First Latin American Store in Mexico City

If I got excited about forever 21... I got extremely excited about H&M!!!!

I ditched my 7 am class and went with my BFF Paola straight to the line to get a 500 peso gift card (about 40 usd). We made friends with other fashionistas and made a 5 hours long wait for the store to open. Since I'm going to NYC in the winter, I wasn't planning on spending much, so you can imagine my joy when they gave out scratch cards with various amounts of money and I got an 800 peso gift card (about 60 usd)!!! I had loads of money! :D plus an extra 800 pesos I could spare for the occasion. The lead singer from a band called Belanova, Denise, was the host for the event. But all I could care about was getting in and buying!!! :D

Here are a few things I bought:
1 hair donut to make a bun
2 scarves (all flowery)
1 wool blend navy blue coat for NYC
1 wool blend maroon knit sweater
1 button up white sheer blouse
1 colorful cotton tee

Monday, October 22, 2012

Forever 21 Grand Opening Mexico City

Since I've moved to Mexico, getting a good retail therapy fix without going broke has been pretty darn hard to do. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw a F21 opening soon ad. They had a really cool deal for the first 400 people to show up, a gift card of up to 2,800 pesos (about 200 dollars, a little bit more). Unfortunately when I got there (an hour and a half before they opened) I was around the 600th person. But after 3 hours of being in line, I got inside the store. There were too many people to really enjoy the experience but it was fun. I ended up getting an emerald green blazer, a basic long sleeve white top, some color blocked shorts (beige and black, very Caroline Channing), a tribal print scarf, and a hot pink eyelash curler. I was pretty excited!

Forever 21 Gran Opening Mexico City

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Outfit #4

Outfit #4

I'm wearing a Zara knitted cardigan with zipper (it has gold and silver thread so it sparkles a bit), a Zara basic 3/4 sleeve black top, forever 21 gold fabric flower necklace, anne klein snakesin flats, henri bendel tote, hollister jeans, pearl earrings and fossil watch

Monday, October 1, 2012

Outfit #3

My Favorite Outfit

I'm wearing a forever 21 brocade coat, Massimo Dutti flower pants, Michael Kors tan flats with matching tote, my pearl bow bracelet is from my store (, pearl earrings (you can also get them at my store), a gray long sleeve top from Gap and a white fossil watch.